I just wanted to share with ya’ll  (I’m in the great state of Texas now, and ya’ll IS a word – Just ask any Texan) my best pal, Skip.

He’s a bit large for me standing at more than 15 hands…



For those of you who have no idea what 15 hands means in real life, I’m not quite 5 feet and I can’t see over his back anymore if we’re standing on level ground… that’s really the gist of all you really need to know about that part.

If you look at the back of my saddle, you can see the extra loooooong stirrup that my husband rigged up for me.  What’s the point?

Well, I can detach it and lower it to put my right foot in it, step up into my regular stirrup and get up in the saddle without having to stand on:

a) the wheel well of the trailer

b) a stool

c) a big rock out in the wilderness somewhere (hard to find)

d) a fallen tree stump (also hard to find)

e) the back bumper of my truck

f) said husband who rigged stirrup

…. get the idea?

It’s like a ladder for short people with tall horses!

When I’m up there and ready to go, I just hoist up the longer stirrup and hook it to the back of my saddle again and off we go.  I wish I had thought of that idea when I was younger…

But then again, I didn’t need it when I was younger!


We decided to take Skip and Misty to a local private arena and let them run off some steam.  He’s in the rear in this picture, but don’t let that fool ya… he can turn on a dime and haul, leaving Misty in the dust now that he’s gotten bigger.








One thing I love about Skip are his deep eyes… and his big heart.




Isn’t he handsome?

Is it possible for horses to be handsome or does that just equate to men?






IMG_2165LOL – I love that boy!!

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